Indian Vegetarian Diet Plan To Reduce Tummy Fat Fast

Indian Vegetarian Diet Plan To Reduce Tummy Fat Fast: Increase in body weight is the symptoms of serious or dangerous problems so here are the Indian Vegetarian Diet Plan To Reduce Tummy Fat Fast. Weight increase may lead to many kinds of other disorders. Now in these days people are suffering with this disorder in a large scale around the world. If we talk about the country India so it is seen that in India this problem is also a common. So! If you want to reduce your body weight you should to work hard for this purpose and for maintain your body weight.

Here a best Indian Vegetarian Diet Plan To Reduce Tummy Fat Fast is available below in this page through which you will get only round about 1200 calories in per day from your food. This vegetarian diet plan is suggested by the specialists and is experimentally improved.

Day 1

You will feel your first day hardest when you try to apply this diet plan. At first day you should try or need to keep yourself from all the food items and you should dependent only of fruits as foods. The fruits that you can use on first day excluding water melon, oranges, apples, strawberry, pomegranates, lime etc. you can eat approximately 20 items in a day.

Day 2

If you are a vegetarian so this is the best day for you because on 2nd day you would only eat vegetables. You can eat boiled vegetables and the best vegetable is boiled potatoes because these are the main source of carbohydrates. Try to eat salad and more vegetables that you can.

Day 3

On the 3rd day of your diet plan you will eat the combinations of the food items that you ate in your 1st and 2nd day. Mean to say that you will eat fruits and vegetables on your 3rd day of diet plan.

Day 4

In you first three days make it sure that you do not ate banana. And the 4th day of your diet plan gives you the liberty to eat banana. Eat maximum half dozen bananas at your 4th day of diet plan. You can also drink 4 to 5 glasses of milk with banana. Instead of this during whole the day you can also drink a bowl of soup for a meal. At this day you feel some difference in your body weight.

Day 5

At 5th day you may enjoy healthy or tasty meal. You will drink soup of your desirable vegetables and ingredients. You can eat tomatoes, sprouts and cheese with your meal. You can also drink a large amount of water.

Day 6

On day 6 you can eat all those things that you ate on your 5th day but you are not allowed to eat tomatoes. During the whole you just can drink soup and a large amount of water for meal.

Day 7

Day 7 will be the final day of your diet plan. At this day you must feel light weight of your body. At this day you can eat fresh fruits, bowl of brown rice and other vegetables during the whole day. This is all about the Indian Vegetarian Diet Plan To Reduce Tummy Fat Fast so do try these diet at home.

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