Most Beautiful Indian Women In The World

Most Beautiful Indian Women In The World: This is one of our most popular website pages to view. Are you looking for a list of Most Beautiful Indian Women In The World as Indian women are so beautiful around the world. And they have the natural beauty and naturally beautiful and this thing is accepted the world over. And many Indian models and Indian beauties or celebrities got the awards of miss world or the women of the world. And we are going to discuss about some of the Indian women who are really beautiful and whose beauty accepted by the world. Some of the most beautiful Indian women in the world are listed below.

Katrina Kaif:

From currently the beautiful women are present in India and in the top of the list of Most Beautiful Indian Women In The World there is Katrina Kaif. She was born in London at July 16, 1983. She is the Bollywood actress. She is the matchless actress and because of her acting, her beauty and her innocence she have won many hearts in the world. She also got an award as miss India and miss world. She is actually the beautiful Indian woman in the world.

Aishwarya Rai:

She is a Bollywood actress who was born at November 1, 1973 in Mangalore, India. She made miss world in 1994. And after this she started her filmy career in 1997 as a actress in a Tamil movie. And because of her acting, her talent and her beauty she got many awards and also she have won many hearts. She is also has a matchless and attractive beauty.

Kareena Kapoor:

She is also an actress belongs to Bollywood and among the Most Beautiful Indian Women In The World. She is the daughter of Randhir Kapore and the sister of Karishma Kapore. She was born in September 21, 1980 in Mumbai, India. She is a hot actress. He is the heart breaking machine. And she got marry with Saif Ali Khan recently. She got some awards due to her acting and beauty. She lies in the list of beautiful Indian women in the world.


Deepika Padukone:

She is also a Bollywood and matchless actress. She was born in January 5, 1986. It is also a south Indian beauty belongs to Mangalore, India. She started her career with the most famous and fabulous actor Shah Rukh Khan in Om Shanti Om, in 2007. She got the actress of the year award in 2015. She got much popularity in her short career just because of her beauty. And because of her beauty she became the favorite Indian women around the world.

Dia Mirza:

Dia Mirza is the second name of beauty. She is the most beautiful and fabulous Indian beauty which can never be neglected anytime. Moreover, her pretty looking face can never be forgotten anytime. She was born in December 9, 1981. She made Miss Asia Pacific in 2000 and after this he started her career in Bollywood as an actress in the movie “Rehna Hay Tere Dil Main”. And she also got some awards due to her beauty.

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