Easy Henna Designs For Beginners Step By Step

Easy Henna Designs For Beginners Step By Step: Henna has become a fashion now a day. Every girl applies mehndi on her every special function so here are the Easy Henna Designs For Beginners Step By Step. Mehndi is very important in Asia. Asian girls love to apply mehndi on their wedding. In Pakistan and India mehndi is an important rite of Wedding. Wedding remains incomplete without mehndi. Girls want stylish and unique designs of mehndi on the wedding and other functions. No one can deny the importance of mehndi in the life of an Asian woman. Mehndi designers make sizzling and blistering designs of mehndi to make your hands attractive.

Every girl tries to learn mehndi designing. For the beginners, designers introduce simple and Easy Henna Designs which are easy to understand and easy to make. Now in the given article we will help you a lot in understanding Henna designs and tell you in steps that how to apply easy and simple mehndi.

If you are trying for the first time you must do it with a copy pencil. At first try to make some petals and various flower designs with a lead pencil then take a mehndi and make flowers with the mehndi on the paper. If possible, make your petals and flowers on a mirror with mehndi. With these things you must learn that how to make flowers and petals with the help of mehndi.

Now for beginners it is best to make easy and simple designs.

In the beginning make a small circle in the middle of your hand.

Make some small petals around the circle and also put some dots around the circle.

Then make some big leaves around your small petals. These leaves look very stunning and beautiful. Little leaves give a classic look to your mehndi. Now it is your choice that which design you like the most.

Now make an Arabic flower on one side of your flower and remains it unfilled. For no more complication now you apply mehndi on your fingers.

For fingers make a small circle and also make W shape petal around the circle. It looks very classic and stylish. Your simple and stylish mehndi design is ready. This design is for those who want to apply mehndi in the middle.

If you are not interested in mid designs and are interested in side design then you must start your mehndi design from the side of your hand. For Easy Henna Designs For Beginners Step By Step 2016 mehndi design book is best option.

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