Assamese India Bridal Hairstyles For Wedding

Assamese India Bridal Hairstyles For Wedding: Hairstyle is one of the most important parts of personality so here we have Assamese India Bridal Hairstyles For Wedding. Different types of Indian bridals like to make various types of hairstyles on their wedding. Hairstyle is only the thing that you can never hide on any function especially on your wedding. And Indian women are become so much conscious about hairstyles. And bridals also have awareness in this matter. There are 29 states of India and the people of each state have their own tradition for example if we talk about Assamese bridals, they have different look than others bridals. The Assamese bridals like to decorate their head or hair with different types of things. Assamese India Bridal Hairstyles show their so much interest and love to wear hair jhomars, bindi, chains, clips and sometimes flowers, some others. And these styles also enhance their personality and their beauty on their weddings and some important and valuables hair style are mentioned below that you can apply easily on your wedding.

Flowers on Bun: In Assamese bridals like to make bun and also apply some different types of flowers on it. This is also a traditional fashion belong to India. For this style just make a big bun on the back of your head and apply some flowers on it in such a way that take a chain and series of flowers and drape it on bun and just cover your hair bun with this. Bridals like to apply some yellow or genda type flowers, white flowers or kalian, and white or red rose on their head on their weddings.

Flowers on Hair Tail: Assamese India Bridal Hairstyles like to make long tail hair style on their wedding and also like to apply flowers on it. And Assamese bridals show so much their interest in this type of fashion. For this reason just make a tail hair style normally and start to apply flowers on it. sometimes bridals applied in such a way that some flowers applying to cover back side of the head and then make a round or net along the tail in such a way the tail looks fully covered with flowers and sometimes apply it in some others style. Bridals apply this style on their mayon, mehndi and barat. And the selection of flowers color is also necessary such as genda flowers, white or kalian, red rose or gulab. And sometimes apply the combination of all these types of flowers

Jewelry on Hair: Wear jewelry on hair is one of the most important cultures for Assamese India Bridal Hairstyles For Wedding. Sometimes they wear or apply gold, chandi and sometimes artificial like silver. They apply it on hair in different style. Sometimes make a network of jewelry chain and cover the head with the help of this net. And also make a tail and apply some clips on tail which is the beautiful and more gorgeous. They also apply jhomars on the left as well as right side on the face or head.

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