Hollywood Celebrities Wearing Indian Wear Designer Dresses

Hollywood Celebrities Wearing Indian Wear Designer Dresses: India got much fame in the world of fashion designing. In the fashion of many different things such as wearing dresses, foot wears, makeup trends and many others are prominent so here are the list of Hollywood Celebrities Wearing Indian Wear Designer Dresses. Among these accessories wearing fashion style of India is the most prominent and famous fashion which is accepted and use by the world over. India has well talented boutiques or stores and fashion designers who made this possible and made India famous and favorite in front of others. Indian wearing fashion is became famous even the Hollywood celebrities are also like to wear Indian designers dresses on their different occasions like wedding ceremonies and some other parties. And just because of this reason Indian fashion has the great popularity and favoritism around the world. And the Hollywood celebrities who are interested in wearing Indian designers dresses are discussed below and the reason behind it also discussed that why they like to wear Indian designers dresses.

Anna Kournikova: She is a most popular Hollywood celebrity and also a sports woman. She is interested to wear Indian dresses like sarees. In the below mentioned snap she wore a beautiful light blue color saree with embroidery work on it. She wore this Indian traditional dress on an exhibition in Dubai.

Victoria Beckham: She is the most beautiful and the sexiest celebrity who belongs to the Hollywood. She is also like to wear Indian cultural dresses and she is also seen in the Indian fashion magazines. In the fashion magazines of the India she wore the beautiful decorated saree which is designed by the expert designer Tarun Tahiliani. She wore a highly worked designed saree.

Elizabeth Hurley: This is another hottest and beautiful Hollywood celebrity who likes to wear Indian traditional dresses like sarees. She is the wife of an Indian business tycoon Arun Nayyar. At most functions she seen with the Indian cultural out fits of the best Indian designers.

Pamela Anderson: She is the most famous and the sexiest Hollywood celebrity. She wore the beautiful net worked white color saree in the set of Big Boss season 6 and had won the many hearts. She likes to wear other cultural out fits of the Indian designers on the different occasions.

Paris Hilton: She is the Bollywood celebrity who likes to drape Indian cultural dresses like saree. She is the most beautiful personality with golden color hair. She wore the beautiful baby pink color saree at the event in Mumbai, India.

Jessica Alba: Jessica Alba is the most fabulous and beautiful lady who is the Hollywood celebrity as well. She wore a beautiful Indian cultural dress in the form of saree which has the best color combination at a special event at India. She also wore Indian jewelry with the saree in Indian traditional style. This is all about the Hollywood Celebrities Wearing Indian Wear Designer Dresses and Bollywood style fashion.

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