How To Make Small Eyes Look Bigger

How To Apply Kajal To Make Small Eyes Look Bigger: Eyes are the important part of our face so learn How To Apply Kajal To Make Small Eyes Look Bigger because eyes make our face attractive and beautiful. I cannot imagine myself without eyes. Big and attractive eyes look very elegant. People who have big eyes always look beautiful and poise. It does not mean that small eyes are not perfect. They look mysterious but if you want to make your smaller eyes look bigger then you must read this article. In this article I shall explain every step to apply kajal which helps you a lot in making your eyes bigger.

1st Step: First step is to clean your face and use a moisturize cream on your eyes for moisturized eyes. Apply an eye primer on your eyes to hide your dark circles. Dark circles look worst on face, to avoid them take a habit of early sleeping.

2nd Step: In the next step take eyeliner and put an arc shaped line on your eyes. Take a brush to fill the space.

3rd Step: In the third step make your eye line perfect. Make your outer corner thicker than the inner corner. It gives a stylish and trendy look to your eyes.

4th Step: Keep the same brush and apply eyeliner towards the lower eye lash. Make a half line on the outer lower lash and extend it towards the back side. Make a V shape at outer lash. Keep in mind that doesn’t extend it towards the inner lower lash. This will gives you a stylish make up. For perfect V shape you can also use a tape or a card. Put a card on your outer lash and make a perfect and straight line for perfect V shape.

5th Step: Make your eyeliner thinner from the inner side and keep the tear duct area completely exposed. Use a pencil liner for a perfect shape.

6th Step: Apply Kajal inside your eyes. Kajal makes your eyes prominent and bigger. Lakme Absolute eye Kajal is perfect and safe for your eyes.

7th Step: 7th step is very simple. Only curls your eye lashes with an eyelash curler. Apply Mascara on your eye lashes.

8th Step: Add white eye shadow on the inner corner of your eyes. This technique is very helpful to bring more light and makes your eyes bigger.

By Applying theses few step you will see How To Apply Kajal To Make Small Eyes Look Bigger. Try to use secure things for your eyes.

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