How To Put On An Indian Head Scarf

How To Put On An Indian Head Scarf: Wearing a scarf is one of the common, favorite and cultural fashions among Indian women so learn from here that How To Put On An Indian Head Scarf . Indian women never ever neglect their culture or tradition. And this is why, they wear or put out scarves on their heads on special events such wedding functions, mangani functions, religious events or even in daily regular routine too.

Scarf is also a best way to enhance or promote your personality. And there are a lot of different ways to wear a hijab or scarf. Different designers give their different draping styles to put of scarves on head. Some of the latest and currently use in the markets draping style of head scarves are mentioned below;
How To Put On An Indian Head Scarf

Simple Tri-Angle Shape Indian Head Scarf: It is one of the common head scarf for Indian people. For tying or draping this style of head scarf take the clothes of head scarf in square shaped. You can use any type of fabric for this type of head scarf. But the cotton stuff and some other light weight stuff will be the best choice in summer. And if you want to wear it in winter season, then you can use some heavier wool or warm clothes. And take two or more scarf pins also. And now fold your scarf in such a way that it forms a tri angle shape. And now place the fabric on your head in such a way that two corners hang from the front side or forehead and the third on is hang down from the back side. Pinch the front two corners under your chin. And pin up these two corners tightly under your chin. Cross these corners around neck and bring it at the back side. Here make a knot of these corners behind the third corner. And then leave the third one on the knot.

Side Pinned Indian Head Scarf Style: It is consider as modern method in How To Put On An Indian Head Scarf. Choose the fabric for your scarf. A rectangular shaped scarf will be the best for this style. And also keep a scarf pin with your scarf. And now place it on your head in such a way that the corners should pass over from the fore head. Adjust it in such a way that one side is hanging down twice as low as the other. And the long corner of your scarf drape around your chin. And now take a pin and apply it on the one side of your head.

Head Band Indian Scarf: It is very common look for young Indian girls. Find a suit able fabric for your scarf. And also measure its length. It is approximately 48 inches long and 10 inches wide. Fold it in such a way that it makes a head layer (Patti). Place it on your head. And bring the edges of the scarf on the back side behind the hair and make a knot of these edges. Now you are all familiar with the How To Put On An Indian Head Scarf so do try these styles at your home now.

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