How To Wear Indian Lehenga Saree To Look Slim

How To Wear Indian Lehenga Saree To Look Slim to know is very important as you know that Indian bridals are most popular and amazing the world over according to their trends of wear and because of their culture and tradition. Indian women are became so conscious and show great awareness that how to adapt themselves according to trend. And most of the Indian designers also gave them so much help to adapt them in it. And now the designers also offer new and new and most of their latest work for Indian women especially for Indian bridals that how to wear according to trend in 2015. And also Indian women have the wish to know How To Wear Indian Lehenga Saree To Look Slim . Most of the Indian designers and also give help to Indian women to wear sarees and lehengas in slim and smart way. And now we are going to tell you or share with you some important and valuables tips to wear sarees and lehengas in a way which will make you slim and smart.

Different Important Tips:


Light weight fabrics like Chiffon, Georgette, and Crepe etc. stick to the body closely, so they make you look slimmer. Cottons, heavy Silk, Brocade, Tissue etc. look good in tall and slim women as they add volumes to the overall look. If you are short and/or plump and still want to wear cotton sarees or heavy silk sarees, look for 40% cotton mix or 40% silk sarees beautiful luxury saree instead.


To look slim, opt for small prints or motifs.

Border of saree

Bigger or broader borders make us look short. For those who don’t want that, should go for slimmer borders or no border at all.

Color of your sarees

Opt for darker shades. Dark colours make you look slimmer and makes your skin colour appear lighter. They hide the flaws but accentuate your curves just as much as necessary.

Draping style

Apart from saree fabric, color, print or border of the saree, draping style also matters to make you look slim.
You should drap your saree neatly without making it become loose anywhere.
Opt for less not of pleats while draping saree, as more number of pleats add volume to your appearance.
Hide your body flaws by saree, for example if there is fat around your waste and belly, then hide these areas by the saree.


To look slim, color of your fabric plays much more important role. Just chose the colors which suit your personality. If you have dark skinned don’t chose lighter colors four your lehenga. But if you have lighter or white skin then you should to take bright colors.


Fabric also plays most important role to look slim. Light weight fabric like silk, chiffon etc. make you slim and smart in the crowd of others.

Draping style

Draping style is the most important way to make you slim. If you want to wear a lehenga just stitched it as skin fitting and apply a short shirt with it and apply some exclusive works on them.

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