How To Wear Silk Saree In Nivi Style In India

How To Wear Silk Saree In Nivi Style: Do you know that How To Wear Silk Saree In Nivi Style In India as Saree is the most elegant and fabulous costume among the Indian women. The reason behind is that this costume belongs to their ancient culture. Indian women drape saree in many different ways or styles. These styles include nivi style, Banarasi style, South Indian style and many others. The saree draping in nivi style is the most beautiful trend to wear the saree. Many people especially women have no actual idea that how to wear saree in nivi style. For this type of women this article is more help full. This article provides the important and suit able tips or steps that how would you wear saree in nivi style. These tips or steps are suggested by the expert and famous designers of the India. And now we are going to drape a silk saree in nivi style.

First of all take the blouse of your saree which is the most prominent and important part of your saree dress and drape it in simple way. After wearing blouse, wear skirt which is also the most important part of the saree dress.

After wearing both these parts start to drape the main part of the dress which is pallu. This is the actual part of the saree because it drapes in different styles and the blouse and skirts are common in every style saree.

Start to wear a saree in nivi style with the basic tuck and make the basic tuck at the front area of the waist and fixed or pin up this tuck properly. And after this make some small plates of the pallu at front side of the waist which would be cover the front area of the waist.

After this plate your pallu and drape it around the left shoulder of your back. And now take one side of the pallu of your saree and fixed it or pin it up at your back side. Make sure that you have pin up it or fixed it properly that it would not be go wrong. You can use needles and some other related accessories for this purpose.

Now you are aware of the How To Wear Silk Saree In Nivi Style In India as In this way a nivi style saree is ready and you are also ready for your function.

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